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Top 10 Animals Killed for Food Worldwide Each Year | Vegan Souls

Top 10 Animals Killed for Food Worldwide Each Year

Even though awareness about cruelty free lifestyle may be rising in some sections of society, meat consumption actually continues to rise worldwide. This owes itself to rising levels of affluence in the world. This is unfortunate not only from the vegan point of view, but also from the environmental standpoint. More and more of the forest cover of the world is depleted due to rising demands for meat, leading to increased green house gas emissions and ultimately climate change. We look at the top animals killed for food according to ADAPTT:

1. Marine Animals

fishingAccording to some estimates, about 90 billion marine animals are killed each year – from the tiny shrimp to the mighty whale. This is thought to be a conservative figure because records in the fisheries industries are maintained not as per numbers but as per metric tons.

2. Chickens

chickensThe most ubiquitously consumed meat on the planet has to come from the hapless chicken. Now touted as the ‘healthy’ alternative to red meats, these creatures live their short lives in terrible conditions before being summarily slaughtered.

3. Ducks

ducksDucks may be even more widely consumed than chickens in some areas of the world, making these among the most widely slaughtered.

4. Pigs

pigsTraditionally the pig has yielded so many different uses – bacon, sausages, salami, ham, pepperoni; to say nothing of the pork chops, trotters and pig belly that it continues to be the most widely slaughtered for food. And this is in spite of the fact that the entire Islamic world shuns pig meat completely.

5. Rabbits

rabbitsThese furry, cuddly, benign little creatures are also very widely killed for food.

6. Turkeys

turkeysUnfortunately turkeys have become associated with certain holiday feasts which is why their demand spikes at certain times each year.

7. Geese

geeseGeese are next on the list of the top animals killed for food.

8. Sheep

sheepIn many areas of the world, sheep meat is a staple in the diet of the people. Sheep are raised for wool as well as meat in these areas.

9. Goats

goatsGoat meat is traditionally eaten even by those individuals who may not touch pig or cow meat. This is somehow viewed as a lesser offence.

10. Cows and Calves

cowsThe steaks, the burgers, the veal and the corned beef come from the cows and calves reared in captivity, kept in ghastly conditions only to die a gruesome death.

Apart from these, there are rodents, pigeons, buffaloes, dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, mules and camels that get slaughtered for food in large quantities each day.

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Samantha September 19, 2015

Say no to meat.


Jon February 6, 2016

Nawww bro


Suzie August 15, 2016

i’m not a rabbit.


Antor September 8, 2016

lol animals r delicious


Abdul Khader September 13, 2016

here I would like to say that even vegetables feel the pain when we cut them. since, they don’t have mouth to scream doesn’t mean they are not living being.

these animals, vegetables, fruits are meant for Human Food. They grow in plenty every year despite the fact that millions of animals slaughter every year. no sheep or cow is in distinct animal list.

dear Vegies, please understand the fact and stop crying for animals, instead do something good for humans.


Shreyas January 29, 2017

Your words convinced me that you have very little knowledge about Biology or maybe anything as a matter of fact.
Let me try helping you with few points.

Plants do not have nervous system and do express feelings like animals.
Moreover, even most of the plants are not consumed in some strict diets especially Jain. If you want reasons, best do your own research. If you think it is funny…. Well, look around. You will find lots like you no better than a sheep.


jigmet August 6, 2017

Abdul Khader, how do you know that plants feel pain when we cut them? do they scream? For your information plants do not feel pain because they don’t have consciousness like the animals and like you and me.

Where is your proof that animals are for human consumption? EXCUSE ME!!! i would like to cut you up and roast you and eat…. will that be ok. Would you like to go through the pain so that i can eat you and fill my stomach inspite of having plenty of other alternate food… NO RIGHT… so before cutting any animals again for food, just try cutting one of your fingers… just experiment the pain…
just like we don’t wish pain animals also do not wish pain. i am no one to tell you on your food habits, but i request you to just think a little for yourself and don’t bring religion in this discussion. Spend a little time and use your marvellous brain and intelligence and if you have courage cut your finger in halal way and experience a fraction of the pain that animals have to bear…
i know its impossible to stop slaughter altogether, although i wish it could happen… but atleast as muslims try following the slaughter rules so that pain is minimised… be gentle with the animals till the end and after cutting the juggler vein atleast wait till it has died before skinning it off…


Mike March 1, 2018

People don’t get sarcasm


branden November 15, 2016

say yes to meat its good


smj January 26, 2017

We don’t kill plants wen we eat dem.D cereals like wheat n rice die anyways after dey produce d grains.We mostly eat d fruit of d plant (even brinjal,cucumber,tomato,lady’s finger r fruits)which does not kill d plant itself.D plants have meristems( a kinda tissue)that’s divides n redivides throughout lyf so even if we pluck d fruit to eat it, it surely grows again.


Jack Wilkinson June 20, 2018

Say yes to meat #come on farmers


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