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  • Does meat really cause cancer?

    Does meat really cause cancer?

    Meat has long been linked with various health problems like cholesterol, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and more, but whether it also causes cancer was doubtful until now. Recent study by WHO’s cancer division, The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), has shown that consumption of meat can cause cancer. The study, conducted on the carcinogenicity […]

  • Top 10 Benefits of a Vegan Diet

    Top 10 Benefits of a Vegan Diet

    Some do it for health, some for conscience, some for their family tradition… there are so many reasons why people turn to veganism. The popularity of a vegan diet is on the rise and various scientific studies have established a good number of benefits accruing from it. In fact, it is said to be good […]

  • U.S. Chicken Infected with Dangerous Pathogens

    U.S. Chicken Infected with Dangerous Pathogens

    U.S. Raw Chicken Infected with Dangerous Pathogens, Says Frontline’s New News Documentary ‘The Trouble with Chicken‘ A news segment titled ‘The Trouble with Chicken’ was featured on Frontline. The documentary which is now available for online viewing investigates into what’s behind the outbreak and spreading of Salmonella, a dangerous pathogen that grips the U.S. so […]

  • Who Lives Longer? Vegans or Meat Eaters?

    Who Lives Longer? Vegans or Meat Eaters?

     Do vegans live longer than meat eaters? Omnivores often argue that vegans and vegetarians are short in protein and other nutrients which meat gives them. Even otherwise, the general image of an omnivore that comes to the mind is that of a strong, well-built person whereas the word ‘vegan’ gives impression of a lean and […]

  • How to have Healthy Skin and Hair on a Vegan Diet

    How to have Healthy Skin and Hair on a Vegan Diet

    Best vegan and vegetarian diet for healthy looking skin and hair. Major skin problems include acne, wrinkles and dry skin. Similarly, dandruff, brittleness and extreme breakage are the common issues with hair. Now, solving these health problems and making your skin and hair healthy is not as difficult as it may seem; just supply them […]

  • Top 10 Vegan Documentary Films that Will Inspire You to Give up Meat

    Top 10 Vegan Documentary Films that Will Inspire You to Give up Meat

    Documentaries are not just a means of entertainment. They are an effective medium to propagate your ideology, bring awareness in the society and take your cause before a wider audience. But it’s not too often that we come across such thought provoking movies that compel you to rethink your food habits and question the lifestyle […]

  • Vegan Bodybuilding – What you need to know about building muscle on a vegan diet

    It is possible to build muscle on a vegan diet. There are plenty of quality proteins in a plant-based diet, and eating vegan comes down to getting enough protein in your diet. Use common sense; frequently eat quality whole foods and the right kinds of foods to keep and gain muscle. Most people are under […]

  • How much vegan food can you find at a gas station?

    Many of you know how hard it can be to find vegan food while you’re traveling or just on the go throughout the day. You may have found yourself short for lunch if you forgot to pack one for work or are hungry as you are passing through a small town on your road trip. […]

  • Starbucks will start offering coconut milk for vegan coffee drinkers

    Starting February 17th, 2015, U.S. based Starbucks locations will begin offering coconut milk as an alternative to soy and dairy milk. This is in part a response to the feedback they have received on their “” website, a site started over 5 years ago to gather customer input on future and present Starbucks products. Starbucks […]

  • How to Make Vegan Pancakes from Scratch

    Pancakes have been around since the prehistoric days. Even today, they are popular throughout the world though in different shapes and sizes. A pancake is usually flat and round in shape and is made from starch batter. It’s served with a wide variety of toppings and stuffing like jam, syrup, fruit, chocolate chips, etc. If […]