10 Best Ways to Promote Veganism

If you are a vegan and find that making this lifestyle choice has changed your life for the better, you would obviously want to share this positive change with others. After all, wanting others to make the same positive changes in their lives as you is natural – then there is the fact that you’re helping make a difference to the animals out there as well. So here’s what you can do to promote veganism.

1. Inform yourself

Know your facts, and be prepared to defend your position. People can be a little aggressive when defending their lifestyle choices – you want to be able to do the same, so arm yourself with facts and figures that are supported by research.


2. Get yourself a blog

Your musings, your experiences and your beliefs – putting these on a blog can be a wonderful creative outlet for you. it may also be the perfect way to disseminate your message of veganism.

3. Organize a vegan group

You can initiate a formal chapter of a vegan organization or you could simply get together with other likeminded people to discuss, share and support. This helps increase awareness in your immediate surroundings.

4. Share

Speak about your experiences with friends and on social networking sites. Share tips, recipes, facts about animal cruelty and health information relating to nutritional choices.

5. Organize events involving well known vegans

An event involving a celebrity vegan helps create sympathetic awareness of the whole vegan cause because of the way that most people are more receptive to what celebrities say.

6. Be patient with the nay-sayers

Understand that if you have certain beliefs, so do others. If you believe your beliefs to be correct, others have that same right. So be patient with those who scorn vegan lifestyles. Try and offer explanations but stop short of futile arguments.

7. Keep in touch with other vegans

It helps if your immediate family is also vegan. If not you may find that it helps to have the support of other vegans – keeping in touch, sharing tips, swapping stores and going out for a vegan meal together can make a lot of sense.

8. Gift vegan

Make a statement, and help the receiver see that vegan products can be just as good as any others!

9. Be a proud vegan

Wear a tee or a hat that proclaims your lifestyle choices; don’t be shy of expressing yourself and your beliefs.

10. Don’t harangue

While may believe passionately in the choice you made, others may not agree; and there is not much point in force-feeding your beliefs to others – best not to put their back up!