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Bull Fighting: Should We Call It a Sport At All? | Vegan Souls

Bull Fighting: Should We Call It a Sport At All?

Though we tend to associate bullfighting with Spain, there are a number of other countries that have the bullfighting tradition, such as Oman and India. While the traditions of bullfighting of Oman are largely not violent, those of India are also less so – than the tradition of Bull fighting of Spain.

The Indian Bullfighting Tradition or Jallikattu

The Indian tradition of bullfighting is different than the Bullfighting of Spain – rather than bullfighting, this is classified as bull taming. The aim of the exercise is not to kill the animal but to tame it. The men involved in this event are required not to slay the bull but to stay atop it for a specified length of time, or as in another version, to subdue it by holding on to the horns or by the use of ropes rather than any weapon of injury.

And even though this is a less deplorable form of cruelty to the animal, the so called ‘sport’ is actually banned by statute in India. However it is still illegally and covertly practiced.

Bullfighting in Spain


This form of bullfighting is usually fatal for the bull – the aim of the event is to kill the bull. This barbaric practice means a long and torturous period of suffering for the animal all in the name of sport.

Certainly in today’s civilized society there should be little space for a sport that displays nothing other than man’s blood lust and satisfies his need to dominate a helpless animal who comes under attack from many men at once, all armed with spears or lance like weapons of aggression.

The protests against this barbaric practice have been long and vocal, with the result that the practice is banned in many areas where it earlier flourished. However this brutal sport is still legal in Spain because it is argued that it is not just a sport or a practice. It is seen as part of the national culture and is considered more a ritual associated with artistic impression and command. This is about style, technique and courage, about a fighter’s honor, it is argued.

But the question is how honorable is it to gang up on and attack a lone, unarmed animal? No matter how strong or powerful the animal may be; how can attacking it singly and in groups armed with weapons be considered honorable?

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Elizabeth Snith December 6, 2015

Bull fighting is animal torture and exploitation for human entertainment. To call it sport is an abominable misuse of the term “sport.”


Dr. Georgie, MS,ND February 21, 2018

Bull fighting was my second protest almost 20 years ago. I have forgotten about bull fighting since I left Peta, although I have RESCUED CATTLE. I understand the last I read about bull fight is that the gene of the calf is genetically selected to be the “strongest”, he raised until he 4 years old. Then when he about to go into the bull ring to FACE THE HUMAN MAFIA, the bull’s eye is smear with chemicals so he BLINDED and can’t see. Then the bull is lured by those CLOWNS ON HORSES and proded to charge at the horse so those men can STICK SPEARS INTO THE BULL to make him BLEED to WEAKEN HIM. The bull is speared many times as he is enticed to charged at the horses (and many horses are INJURED by the bull’s horn), then WHEN THE BULL IS BLEEDING PROFUSELY, THEN AND ONLY THEN , the COWARD matador comes INTO THE BULL RING TO MURDER THE BULL !!!!!!! It may have been a tradition of ‘ honor” but today with occupational liability !!!!……it A CROCK, SCAM, AN DECEITFUL COWARD DISPLAYED to make money, that all. !!!!! NO HONOR, just SCAM, trickery, to milked money out of MENTALLY SICK PARTICIPANT, while an INNOCENT beautiful LIFE IS EXPLOITED AND DESTROYED….. No HONOR, MAFIA, BLOODY MURDER, the TRUTH. Georgie, MS, ND


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