Category: Animal Welfare

  • How to Adopt a Stray Dog: Some Useful Tips

    If you want a pet dog, there are a couple of options: you could buy a purebred or you could adopt a dog from a shelter. Then there is a third option – you could adopt a stray and give him or her a home. However there are some precautions you should take before adopting […]

  • Pros and Cons of Adopting Dogs from Shelters

    When getting a family pet, you have the option of buying a pedigree pup from a breeder or pet store or adopting an animal from a shelter. Both options have their benefits and advantages; both have their limitations. We look at why you should adopt a dog from a shelter as well as the possible […]

  • How to Adopt a Stray Cat

    There could be that neighborhood stray who comes mewling beneath your window every evening or who may wrap himself around your ankles when you step out. Or that shy little feline in your neighborhood seems to be simply crying out for a home and some tender loving care every time you see her. So whatever […]