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  • Top 10 Benefits of a Vegan Diet

    Top 10 Benefits of a Vegan Diet

    Some do it for health, some for conscience, some for their family tradition… there are so many reasons why people turn to veganism. The popularity of a vegan diet is on the rise and various scientific studies have established a good number of benefits accruing from it. In fact, it is said to be good […]

  • How to have Healthy Skin and Hair on a Vegan Diet

    How to have Healthy Skin and Hair on a Vegan Diet

    Best vegan and vegetarian diet for healthy looking skin and hair. Major skin problems include acne, wrinkles and dry skin. Similarly, dandruff, brittleness and extreme breakage are the common issues with hair. Now, solving these health problems and making your skin and hair healthy is not as difficult as it may seem; just supply them […]

  • Top 10 Vegan Documentary Films that Will Inspire You to Give up Meat

    Top 10 Vegan Documentary Films that Will Inspire You to Give up Meat

    Documentaries are not just a means of entertainment. They are an effective medium to propagate your ideology, bring awareness in the society and take your cause before a wider audience. But it’s not too often that we come across such thought provoking movies that compel you to rethink your food habits and question the lifestyle […]

  • Do Animals Dream Like Humans?

    Anyone who’s had a pet dog has probably seen their pet twitch and growl and move in their sleep and has wondered what is going on inside the mind of their furry friend. Many of us would wonder what animals feel and experience; whether they also dream like us. Even if you haven’t been observing […]

  • 5 Most Popular Vegan Events of the World

    Organized vegan events serve a dual purpose – they inform and sensitize the populace to the concept of veganism and the importance of leading an ethical, cruelty free life and also create awareness about plant based nutrition, health, peace and non violence. They are also a way for likeminded vegans to get together and to […]

  • Top 10 Vegan and Animal Rights Organizations

    In their own unique ways, people the world over have collected and banded together to form organizations that seek to challenge established world orders of animal cruelty. Whether it is helping to liberate animals from cruelty and bondage, stopping the fur trade, or disseminating information about various ways in which humans are cruel to animals, […]

  • Vegans Are Weak, Oh Really?

    For a long time now, vegetarian has been portrayed as the skinny weakling, unable and unwilling to do anything that requires physical strength. Also with the spreading tide of veganism, vested interests such as the meat lobby and other food producers try to perpetuate the myth that vegans are weak. So are vegans weak? Or […]

  • Top 5 Veganism Myths Busted

    In a world where meat eating is the norm and not the exception, there are vegan myths and misconceptions that abound regarding the vegan choices that we elect to make. From answering supposedly hilarious questions such as “Do you live on apples and twigs?”, from people with little knowledge of veganism, to encountering misinformation about […]

  • Meat Industry Among the Highest Polluting Ones

    The drastic change in the global climate is bringing about a negative effect in the lives of the people living in the planet. There has been a research and study done which claims that around the lives of 300 million people are seriously affected by climate changes and almost 300,000 die every year due to […]