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  • Top 10 Vegan Animals

    One of the arguments frequently trotted out by meat eaters to explain their food choices is that meat gives the body strength, builds muscle, and so on. However many gorgeous creatures of the animal kingdom explode this myth that meat begets strength, muscle or size. We look at some of the top vegan animals in […]

  • Top 10 Pets for Vegan Households

    Vegans who follow an ethical lifestyle, who would however like to share that life with an animal, can have several questions – for instance which pets are vegetarian or vegan so that they can blend seamlessly into an ethical lifestyle. There can be ethical questions such as this one: should vegans have pets at all? […]

  • Need Inspiration to Go Vegan? Look at These Animals!

    One of the arguments often trotted out by champions of meat eating is that meat gives you strength. Look at the lion, the tiger, the jaguar – prime examples of the strong, beautiful predators. The lion is the king of the jungle, and the tiger, master of all he surveys, they say. And it is […]