Category: Vegan Eating

  • How much vegan food can you find at a gas station?

    Many of you know how hard it can be to find vegan food while you’re traveling or just on the go throughout the day. You may have found yourself short for lunch if you forgot to pack one for work or are hungry as you are passing through a small town on your road trip. […]

  • Vegan Guide to Eating Out: Some Handy Tips

    Alas, the world seems oriented towards meat eaters. The world presumes that everyone eats meat and animal products; so you really don’t know where and when you will encounter products that contain animal products or by-products. Eating out can be particularly tricky because as a vegan you want to be able to have a well […]

  • How About Some Vegan Party Appetizer Ideas?

    The food industry is not oriented towards veganism; so it can be something of a challenge to create vegan dishes that are tasty and yet not terribly complicated. Appetizers and finger foods can seem particularly difficult because the creamy or cheesy dips, and finger foods made from different meats seem to be de rigueur for […]

  • 5 Top Rated Vegan Ice Cream Brands

    Now the very concept of ice cream being vegan sounds contradictory – because ice cream is a dairy product that uses milk, milk solids, cream and so on. So as a vegan do you have to bid farewell to ice cream forever? Not so! Vegan ice cream – that is non dairy ice cream is […]

  • Top 10 Vegan Restaurants of the World

    As a vegan, you would like to patronize a restaurant that you know for sure doesn’t use any animal products in any form. It is important not to assume that vegetarian restaurants will necessarily be able to do vegan dishes as well. While it can be relatively easy to find good vegetarian restaurants, vegan restaurants […]

  • Vegan Baking and Egg Substitutes

    One of the major challenges of becoming vegan is learning to eschew eggs. Eggs, which have formed a part of traditional breakfasts for years the world over; milk, butter, cheese and cream are the key ingredient in cakes and bakes… these ingredients are found in so many foods and food products that they can be […]

  • Top 10 Vegan Dishes

    Traditional recipe books will typically have ingredients such as meat, fish, poultry and dairy products – cream, cheese, milk and more. So, for the vegan, finding interesting, appetizing and nutritious recipes can be a bit of a challenge. However, with more and more people turning to ethical diets and lifestyles, more ideas and options have […]