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  • 10 Best Ways to Promote Veganism

    If you are a vegan and find that making this lifestyle choice has changed your life for the better, you would obviously want to share this positive change with others. After all, wanting others to make the same positive changes in their lives as you is natural – then there is the fact that you’re […]

  • Some Useful Tips for Making the Transition to a Vegan Diet

    If for ethical or health reasons, you want to embrace a vegan lifestyle, transitioning to a vegan diet is probably going to be a daunting prospect. It can be particularly difficult if your palate as well as your system is used to a diet that includes meat, fish, dairy and honey. But relax, by no […]

  • 10 Tips for Vegan Grocery Shopping on a Budget

    Some people tend to think of the vegan lifestyle and particularly vegan diets as being expensive. However this need not be so – you can be vegan and still be frugal about what you purchase. There are a number of ways through which you can save on your grocery expenses. Today in this article, we […]

  • How Good Is Veganism for the Environment and Ecology?

    It is utterly arrogant of us human beings to think that the nature that surrounds us, the animals and ecology that coexists along with us on earth are there for our use and benefit; that we can do what we want and take what want from them. Not only is this greedy and selfish, it […]

  • Top 5 Vegan Business Ideas

    If you are a vegan yourself, it may occur to you to carry forward your ethical lifestyle into your professional sphere as well. A vegan business can help you bring together your beliefs and your talents together into a profit making venture. If so you are probably thinking in terms of a vegan business, then […]

  • Vegan Certification on Food Labels

    As the awareness about animal cruelty and empathy for other beings on earth increases, the number of vegans is also increasing steadily. With more people reaching for cruelty free foods and products, the supply of such products in the market has increased. Is it really about ethics or it’s just about marketing? How do you […]

  • How to Go Vegan Safely and Easily: 10 Tips to Get You Started

    It can be a challenge – a lifetime of eating and using animal products – habits so ingrained that they may be very difficult to change. In addition our society is created along the sort of hierarchical lines that gives little, if any, importance to animal rights considering the human birth right to exploit animals […]

  • What Is Vegan Investing?

    If you take care to eat vegan and try not to use any animal products such as fur, leather, silk, honey and wool, why should this not extend to other areas of your life like finance and investment as well? Carrying forward the idea of living a vegan lifestyle is the concept of vegan investing. […]

  • What Is Vegan Clothing and What Are Your Options?

    Like we’ve said before, being vegan isn’t just about making ethical food choices; it is something that can and ideally should permeate all aspects of life. The way we live, the way we travel, the way we dress the way we work… all these need to be done more responsibly and in a way that […]

  • Ethical Veganism – Not Just About Food, but a Way of Life

    Though many people view veganism through the prism of only dietary choices, ethical veganism is far more than food choices. It is an entire life philosophy that embraces many more factors than just what you eat. Ethical veganism is about “living life consciously as an Anti Speciesist,” as Bob Torres, PhD, says in his book […]