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  • Cruelty Free Toothpaste with and Without Fluoride

    Cruelty free toothpaste? But you thought all toothpaste was cruelty free; after all what are the ingredients but a bunch of detergents, abrasives, fluorides and…? You should know however that there are some toothpastes that do have some animal ingredients such as beeswax; so be sure to read the list of ingredients before buying your […]

  • Try Using a Humane Mouse Trap

    Even the most compassionate of us will admit that mice and other rodents are pests. An infestation of these creatures can be very destructive and because of the fact that they multiply so rapidly their menace can only increase unless checked in time. Not only that, mice can spread disease and trigger allergies. So yes […]

  • Vegan Footwear: Protect Your Feet Without Hurting Animals

    It used to be that people did anything to be fashionable – they killed animals for fur and pelts and of course slaughtered them for leather. But the new fashionista is more humane, compassionate and aware of the impact that fashion has on other living beings around. Stella McCartney’s cruelty free clothes lines have long […]

  • Choosing Vegan Products in Your Daily Life

    As you commit to a vegan lifestyle, it is possible to make more and more ethical choices that are sensitive to animals. Many products and foods tend to have animal ingredients; even those that we would ordinarily think of as cruelty free. So here are some tips that will help you pick vegan products and […]

  • 7 Stylish Alternatives for Leather

    Any way you look at it, leather denotes cruelty to animals. Even certain religions condemn its use because of this. For instance many Hindus would not use cow leather; and Jains would not use any kind of leather because it is obtained by killing animals. For other reasons, even Jews debar the use of leather […]