Top 6 Health Benefits of Going Vegan

Whether the vegan lifestyle appeals to you because of its animal rights and nonviolence aspects or there are other reasons behind why you have adopted or want to adopt the lifestyle, there are many health benefits of going vegan. Though there are numerous reasons why veganism is a great idea for both humans as well as animals, here are some of the top health benefits of going vegan.

1. Useful for weight management

When you cut out animal fats and proteins, you find that it is easier to stay slim, fit and attractive. Cutting out the saturated fats that are typically found in dairy products for instance, can give health a real boost.

2. More nutritious

vegan benefitsThe emphasis that a vegan diet logically places on fruit, vegetables, whole grains and unprocessed foods that are closer to their natural state, means that a lot of nutritional goodness in terms of minerals, vitamins and other vital nutrients reach the body.

3. Gives you more vim and vigor

Saturated and animal fats, refined sugars and such food items can make one sluggish and sap their energy, making one feel less like exercising and engaging in healthy activities. Since such processed sugars and fats are a no-no for vegans they experience a distinct increase of energy levels. Notice how many athletes (multiple Olympic medal winner Carl Lewis and NFL player Tony Gonzalez to name just two) report better performance after going vegan.

4. A healthier heart

The vegan sources of fats consumed are healthier since they come from nuts and other vegetable sources rather than animals. This reduces the risk of heart disease and heart attacks significantly. Vegan diets also help to lower bad cholesterol, and help lower risk of strokes, help in lowering blood pressure and even risk of type 2 diabetes.

5. Immunity boosting and anti-cancer

Since fruits and veggies are rich in nutrients, they shore up the immune system of the body. Further, the antioxidants they supply help the body fight against disease. On the other hand, many cancers have been associated with the consumption of red meat and other non-vegan products.

6. Better skin and healthier hair

This is another reality of a vegan diet. The hair and skin get all the nutrition they need to literally glow with health. And the system impurities that cause problems are eliminated!