How much vegan food can you find at a gas station?

Many of you know how hard it can be to find vegan food while you’re traveling or just on the go throughout the day. You may have found yourself short for lunch if you forgot to pack one for work or are hungry as you are passing through a small town on your road trip.

Youtube user “Bite Size Vegan” takes us on a tour of your average American gas station convenience store and shows us what vegan foods can be found.

Vegan granola bars while traveling

Granola bars can be a good vegan option, although some may contain honey and even dairy


A fast and easy way to check products for dairy is to look at the bottom of the ingredients where they have to list allergens (milk, eggs, fish and shellfish), they are required by law to list these allergens.

Vegan Beverages

Most beverages are vegan, but keep your eye out for those with added Omega-3’s


And most of us probably associate cheap gas station food with chips

Vegan gas station chips

A lot of chips seem to be vegan, however some do contain milk or sugar


Just some of the vegan options she was able to find: Sahale Maple Pecans, The Daily Crave Veggie Chips, Garden Veggie Straws, Oreos, Nature Valley Crunch Peanut Butter Bar, Bare Simply Toasted Coconut Chips, Cape Cod Sea Salt Chips, Fritos, Gordettos, Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili Chips

Watch the full video below to see what food Emily, AKA “Bite Size Vegan” finds at the gas station:

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