Try Using a Humane Mouse Trap

Even the most compassionate of us will admit that mice and other rodents are pests. An infestation of these creatures can be very destructive and because of the fact that they multiply so rapidly their menace can only increase unless checked in time. Not only that, mice can spread disease and trigger allergies.

So yes any mouse or rat infestation will need to be tackled; the question is how can it be done in a cruelty free manner? Surely it is not necessary to kill, maim or poison these creatures simply because we perceive them as encroaching on our domains? And do you really want to have to deal with a poisoned mouse that has gone and died is some unreachable area of your home creating an almighty stink?

What is a humane mouse trap?

The cruelty free mouse trap functions on the basis of capture and release. These traps are so designed that the mouse is lured into the trap with savory bait – you can use cheese, crackers, chocolate, peanut butter or whatever you unwanted house guest seems to favor.

humane-mouse-trapNote that this bait is just that, bait; and contains no poison or harmful substances. When the mouse enters the trap to eat the food, the trap mechanism is triggered to catch the mouse. You then release the mouse at some appropriate location.

Where to find such mouse traps

A reusable humane mousetrap such as this one on Amazon, functions on the basis of a simple one way swinging door. Once the mouse enters by pushing the lightweight door inward, the door snaps shut and it cannot leave until you release it.

The smart mouse trap is another humane option. The door closure is triggered when the mouse enters the trap and it snaps shut until you are ready to release the mouse.

You can also use an ultrasonic rat repellant device to drive away rodents who have an extremely keep sense of hearing and can hear frequencies that the human ear cannot detect. These are recommended to prevent re-infestation.

How to use it

Pick your position with care. Pick the kitchen or area that you know is frequented by mice. Place the trap close to the wall since these creatures tend to stay near walls for safety.

Then when you bait the trap, try different foods to see what they prefer. Be particularly careful not to leave any other food accessible to the mice.

Check the trap regularly to see if you caught anything – you don’t want it to die of starvation. When you release the rat or mouse or squirrel, do it in a field or wood at least a mile from your home.