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Vegan Souls - Part 2

One of the perceived apprehensions about following a vegetarian diet is whether or not one can get sufficient iron from a meatless diet. People may speculate that since meat is a good source of protein as well as iron, cutting this out of the diet could create certain nutritional deficiencies – iron derived from animals is more easily absorbed by the human body than other types of iron. However, this is really not so. In fact ...



Alas, the world seems oriented towards meat eaters. The world presumes that everyone eats meat and animal products; so you really don’t know where and when you will encounter products that contain animal products or by-products. Eating out can be particularly tricky because as a vegan you want to be able to have a well prepared vegan meal, knowing that what you're eating doesn’t impinge upon your personal beliefs and ethical choices. Here are some tips ...

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The supposed bad news was that all the good sources of protein are animal and not plant based. We now know the good news to be that there are plenty of excellent plant based sources of protein available; that there is no need to depend upon milk, cheese, eggs and meat to get enough protein in to the diet. We also know that plant based protein sources have a lower saturated fat content and as a ...



If you are a vegan and find that making this lifestyle choice has changed your life for the better, you would obviously want to share this positive change with others. After all, wanting others to make the same positive changes in their lives as you is natural – then there is the fact that you're helping make a difference to the animals out there as well. So here’s what you can do to promote veganism. 1. ...



The food industry is not oriented towards veganism; so it can be something of a challenge to create vegan dishes that are tasty and yet not terribly complicated. Appetizers and finger foods can seem particularly difficult because the creamy or cheesy dips, and finger foods made from different meats seem to be de rigueur for the usual circulating snacks at parties and get-togethers. Then, why not have a look at some tasty vegan party appetizer ideas ...



If for ethical or health reasons, you want to embrace a vegan lifestyle, transitioning to a vegan diet is probably going to be a daunting prospect. It can be particularly difficult if your palate as well as your system is used to a diet that includes meat, fish, dairy and honey. But relax, by no means are you alone in this. With some minor lifestyle changes and staying put to them, you can adapt yourself ...



If you want a pet dog, there are a couple of options: you could buy a purebred or you could adopt a dog from a shelter. Then there is a third option – you could adopt a stray and give him or her a home. However there are some precautions you should take before adopting a stray dog; there are also several things you could do if you decide to actually adopt a stray dog. Here ...



Humans unthinkingly use so many animal products for nothing but vanity – animal products become a part of one’s wardrobe without so much as a thought for what that animal endures in order to feed human vanity. Animals are slaughtered for their pelt, leather, silk, wool, feathers and what not. Here, we look at the ten poor animals that are most commonly killed for clothing: 1. Silk Worms It is a well known fact that silk worms are ...



One of the charges often leveled against veganism and even vegetarianism is that these are low protein diets that are inadequate for optimal athletic performance. Athletes engaged in sports that require muscle building, strength and physical power may not be adequately served by a non-meat diet, it is thought. Yet there have been many elite athletes who have excelled at the highest Olympic levels, while being vegetarian. These are people, who have achieved excellence by finding ...

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Cruelty free toothpaste? But you thought all toothpaste was cruelty free; after all what are the ingredients but a bunch of detergents, abrasives, fluorides and...? You should know however that there are some toothpastes that do have some animal ingredients such as beeswax; so be sure to read the list of ingredients before buying your toothpaste. While animal ingredients are less common in toothpaste, unfortunately animal testing isn’t – in fact a majority of toothpaste brands ...