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Vegan Souls - Part 3

Since eating animal based foods is considered to be the ordained ‘normal’ diet by a majority of people, a number of myths about vegan and plant based diets have gained currency. Proponents of animal based diets tend to caution against cutting out animal based foods from the diet for a variety of reasons. While some of these may have some basis in fact, there are a number of myths about vegan food that continue to ...



Whenever human beings want to test something – medications, cosmetics, chemicals and even psychological premises, they turn to animals. Animals are put in unnatural situations, poisoned, dissected, poked, pricked, injected, euthanized and subjected to untold horrors – they may be bred for this purpose or may be trapped. Typically products and medications are tested on animals extensively before they are undergo any human trials. We look at the top 10 animals used for experiments: 1. Flies Invertebrates ...

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People who have grown up as meat eaters may find that making the transition to a vegan lifestyle can be difficult to adjust to. However kids who are brought up vegan may have no such problems. Many parents feel that they may be doing their kids a favor by giving them a healthier start in life by making a vegan diet choice. However many parents may also buy into the discourse that feels veganism may provide ...



In recent times, more and more athletes and even body builders are turning to a more ethical way of life, choosing to eschew animal based foods and products. This may often be against popular perception that being vegan is not only difficult for a body builder but also counterproductive. And in fact there can be some challenges involved in making the change. The number of vegan bodybuilders around however, is indicative of the fact that it ...



Many people with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) who follow a plant based diet can find that a vegetarian diet can be difficult to stick to. This is because a vegetarian diet is typically a fiber rich diet that contains a lot of indigestible material. This indigestible portion of the diet can irritate the bowel causing problems like bloating, gas, cramps, constipation, and diarrhea and so on. We look at how one can be vegetarian and still ...



It is thought that 99.9% of all species that existed in the past are now extinct. So extinction of species is a natural process. But in recent times, the high rates of extinction have been alarming. This is because human activities have started to cause extinction in more recent times. The impact that human activities such as agriculture, mining, habitat destruction, pollution and over-grazing have on biodiversity is also alarming. We look at 10 of ...



Anyone who’s had a pet dog has probably seen their pet twitch and growl and move in their sleep and has wondered what is going on inside the mind of their furry friend. Many of us would wonder what animals feel and experience; whether they also dream like us. Even if you haven’t been observing your pet’s sleep patterns, science suggests to us that animals do in fact dream; that they have complex, retainable dreams. So ...



Some people tend to think of the vegan lifestyle and particularly vegan diets as being expensive. However this need not be so – you can be vegan and still be frugal about what you purchase. There are a number of ways through which you can save on your grocery expenses. Today in this article, we look at how you can shop for vegan groceries even on a budget. 1. Use coupons Be on the lookout for coupons, ...



Even if you're not a life-long vegan or not committed to a vegan lifestyle per se, you can benefit from a low fat vegan diet if you're trying to lose weight. A diet free from meat and dairy is in any case good for health and may be far less calorie dense. So a low fat, plant based diet can get you to drop the pounds, get fitter and healthier too. According to some experts ...

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Human vanity is a terrible thing – in its name, countless animals are captured, tortured, abused, mutilated, shaved, skinned and killed. There are so many animals that are made to suffer just so that humans can adorn themselves in their skins – as shoes, coats, for bags, wallets, furniture, clothing and various other items. Even dogs and cats are slaughtered for their skin. This may horrify many of us who may have these beautiful creatures as ...