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Vegan Souls - Part 4

Now the very concept of ice cream being vegan sounds contradictory – because ice cream is a dairy product that uses milk, milk solids, cream and so on. So as a vegan do you have to bid farewell to ice cream forever? Not so! Vegan ice cream – that is non dairy ice cream is an option! Vegan ice cream is made using dairy substitutes such as almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, rice milk and ...

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When getting a family pet, you have the option of buying a pedigree pup from a breeder or pet store or adopting an animal from a shelter. Both options have their benefits and advantages; both have their limitations. We look at why you should adopt a dog from a shelter as well as the possible issues you could face when you do so. Pros of adopting a dog from a shelter Firstly of course it is the ...



There could be that neighborhood stray who comes mewling beneath your window every evening or who may wrap himself around your ankles when you step out. Or that shy little feline in your neighborhood seems to be simply crying out for a home and some tender loving care every time you see her. So whatever the case – whether you want to adopt a stray cat or whether he or she wants to adopt you, here’s ...



Simply put type 1 diabetes (which used to be referred to as Juvenile Diabetes) occurs when the insulin producing beta cells are destroyed in the pancreas and the body experiences increased sugar levels in the blood and urine. If left untreated the condition can be fatal, but it is usually managed very successfully; people with type 1 diabetes go on to live normal, productive lives without significant impairment of quality of life. Type 1 diabetes cannot ...



Organized vegan events serve a dual purpose – they inform and sensitize the populace to the concept of veganism and the importance of leading an ethical, cruelty free life and also create awareness about plant based nutrition, health, peace and non violence. They are also a way for likeminded vegans to get together and to interact on a common platform. We look at some of the festivals and events organized by and for vegans and other ...



It is utterly arrogant of us human beings to think that the nature that surrounds us, the animals and ecology that coexists along with us on earth are there for our use and benefit; that we can do what we want and take what want from them. Not only is this greedy and selfish, it is an attitude that is slowly but surely destroying the world as we know it; leaving a depleted, diminished environment ...

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Animals have long been used for the entertainment of humans – this is yet another example of man wielding his might; of lording it over all living beings. Animals are caged, taken from their habitat, mistreated, beaten, and restrained from behaving in their own instinctive way. Animals are made to live and breed in captivity and learn to become meekly submissive and remain at the mercy of humans – all in the name of entertainment! Consider ...



When you're vegan, there is an apprehension that a meatless, dairy-free diet that eschews all animal ingredients is somehow inadequate and nutritionally lacking. However studies have shown that a well balanced vegan diet is good for health and that it will give you all the essential nutrients that your body needs for optimal functioning. Most opponents of vegan diets claim that an animal free diet lacks protein, vitamin D, omega 3 fats, vitamin B12 and calcium. ...



As a vegan, you would like to patronize a restaurant that you know for sure doesn’t use any animal products in any form. It is important not to assume that vegetarian restaurants will necessarily be able to do vegan dishes as well. While it can be relatively easy to find good vegetarian restaurants, vegan restaurants are quite another matter. In fact most vegetarian restaurants will still use dairy, milk products, honey and so on in their ...



It is shocking that you can easily find videos that demonstrate, step by step, how to dehorn cattle. We as humans are so desensitized to the cruelty that we routinely perpetrate upon animals, that people think nothing of ‘teaching’ others some of these horribly cruel tricks of trade. Disbudding or dehorning is the term used to remove or stop the growth of horns among animals bred for dairy products and meat. Livestock such as cattle, ...