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Vegan Souls - Part 5

Even the most compassionate of us will admit that mice and other rodents are pests. An infestation of these creatures can be very destructive and because of the fact that they multiply so rapidly their menace can only increase unless checked in time. Not only that, mice can spread disease and trigger allergies. So yes any mouse or rat infestation will need to be tackled; the question is how can it be done in a cruelty ...



If you are a vegan yourself, it may occur to you to carry forward your ethical lifestyle into your professional sphere as well. A vegan business can help you bring together your beliefs and your talents together into a profit making venture. If so you are probably thinking in terms of a vegan business, then our ideas here may well give you some of your own. We look at business ideas that work without exploiting ...



It used to be that people did anything to be fashionable – they killed animals for fur and pelts and of course slaughtered them for leather. But the new fashionista is more humane, compassionate and aware of the impact that fashion has on other living beings around. Stella McCartney’s cruelty free clothes lines have long showed the way and many other designers are now following suit in the footwear space as well. What Is Vegan Footwear? Vegan ...



As the awareness about animal cruelty and empathy for other beings on earth increases, the number of vegans is also increasing steadily. With more people reaching for cruelty free foods and products, the supply of such products in the market has increased. Is it really about ethics or it’s just about marketing? How do you identify the real vegan product from others? How does certification of vegan products work? What organizations authorize this certification and what ...



One of the major challenges of becoming vegan is learning to eschew eggs. Eggs, which have formed a part of traditional breakfasts for years the world over; milk, butter, cheese and cream are the key ingredient in cakes and bakes… these ingredients are found in so many foods and food products that they can be very difficult to avoid. Here are some vegan substitutes for traditional baking ingredients. Vegan substitutes for milk Soy milk or almond milk ...



Even though awareness about cruelty free lifestyle may be rising in some sections of society, meat consumption actually continues to rise worldwide. This owes itself to rising levels of affluence in the world. This is unfortunate not only from the vegan point of view, but also from the environmental standpoint. More and more of the forest cover of the world is depleted due to rising demands for meat, leading to increased green house gas emissions ...



It is a shocking fact that as many as 6 countries in the world – Canada, Namibia, Norway, Greenland, Russia and Iceland currently participate in seal slaughter. This is despite the fact that so many countries in the world have banned the trade of seal products. Not only are these beautiful sea mammals hunted for their meat – traditional coastal communities have depended upon this meat source – they are hunted for blubber and seal oil. ...

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It can be a challenge – a lifetime of eating and using animal products – habits so ingrained that they may be very difficult to change. In addition our society is created along the sort of hierarchical lines that gives little, if any, importance to animal rights considering the human birth right to exploit animals at will. So it can be difficult indeed to go vegan. Here are some tips to help you make a start towards ...

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If you take care to eat vegan and try not to use any animal products such as fur, leather, silk, honey and wool, why should this not extend to other areas of your life like finance and investment as well? Carrying forward the idea of living a vegan lifestyle is the concept of vegan investing. This concept centers itself on investments into companies that follow ethical principles in the way they treat animals and the ...



We may not do it directly; we may not even realize that it could entail cruelty to animals – but there are so many ways in which animals may be caused pain and trauma. There are many ways that humans are cruel to animals without meaning to be cruel. In this article, we let's look at how some of us may be contributing to animal cruelty; albeit unwittingly. 1. Animals Bred for Their Pelts or Hair It’s not ...

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