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Vegan Souls - Part 6

Traditional recipe books will typically have ingredients such as meat, fish, poultry and dairy products – cream, cheese, milk and more. So, for the vegan, finding interesting, appetizing and nutritious recipes can be a bit of a challenge. However, with more and more people turning to ethical diets and lifestyles, more ideas and options have emerged within vegan cuisine. Here are some of the top vegan dishes and recipes to replace traditional or non-vegan ones. 1. ...



As you commit to a vegan lifestyle, it is possible to make more and more ethical choices that are sensitive to animals. Many products and foods tend to have animal ingredients; even those that we would ordinarily think of as cruelty free. So here are some tips that will help you pick vegan products and will help you steer clear of inadvertently using non-vegan items. 1. Vegan Condoms You may not think of condoms being anything really; ...

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One of the arguments frequently trotted out by meat eaters to explain their food choices is that meat gives the body strength, builds muscle, and so on. However many gorgeous creatures of the animal kingdom explode this myth that meat begets strength, muscle or size. We look at some of the top vegan animals in the world – big, beautiful, strong, powerful; and herbivorous. 1. The Elephant Arguably one of the most magnificent creatures on earth, this ...



Any way you look at it, leather denotes cruelty to animals. Even certain religions condemn its use because of this. For instance many Hindus would not use cow leather; and Jains would not use any kind of leather because it is obtained by killing animals. For other reasons, even Jews debar the use of leather on certain days and Muslims will not use pigskin. There is another reason why leather should be avoided: there is a ...



In their own unique ways, people the world over have collected and banded together to form organizations that seek to challenge established world orders of animal cruelty. Whether it is helping to liberate animals from cruelty and bondage, stopping the fur trade, or disseminating information about various ways in which humans are cruel to animals, organizations have found different ways to center attention upon the cause of animal rights. In this article, we look at ...



Like we’ve said before, being vegan isn’t just about making ethical food choices; it is something that can and ideally should permeate all aspects of life. The way we live, the way we travel, the way we dress the way we work… all these need to be done more responsibly and in a way that doesn’t hurt or impinge upon the rights of other creatures on earth. What is vegan clothing? Vegan clothing is made ethically and ...



The definition of sport, among other things, is some sort of amusement or a diversion. It is appalling that civilized societies the world over get their kicks by brutalizing animals in so many different ways – all for their own amusement and entertainment? Over time, man has devised many different ways to use animals for his ‘time pass’; we look at some of the most egregious of them: 1. Bullfighting This blood sport has probably been the ...



A woman has certain special nutritional need during pregnancy – for her unborn child as well as for her own health and wellbeing. So is a vegan diet adequate for those special needs? Since meat, poultry, sea food and dairy are taken out of the diet equation, will the mother and unborn child get the requisite amount of protein, iron, calcium and other nutrients in adequate quantities? The concerns about being vegan Even the most committed vegan ...



Vegans who follow an ethical lifestyle, who would however like to share that life with an animal, can have several questions – for instance which pets are vegetarian or vegan so that they can blend seamlessly into an ethical lifestyle. There can be ethical questions such as this one: should vegans have pets at all? As to this, most vegans tend to agree that so long as you treat your pet well, with affection, having ...



Though we tend to associate bullfighting with Spain, there are a number of other countries that have the bullfighting tradition, such as Oman and India. While the traditions of bullfighting of Oman are largely not violent, those of India are also less so – than the tradition of Bull fighting of Spain. The Indian Bullfighting Tradition or Jallikattu The Indian tradition of bullfighting is different than the Bullfighting of Spain – rather than bullfighting, this is classified ...