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Vegan Souls - Part 7

Remember? – The last time you went to the restaurant, ordered for fish and waited impatiently for your favorite dish, tapping on the table. But did you ever think – the fish in your plate was once a cute, lively creature living in its own world, very much like a little human child playing in the vicinity of his home? A lot of people go to the supermarket and pick the “Dolphin Safe” tuna and pat ...



For a long time now, vegetarian has been portrayed as the skinny weakling, unable and unwilling to do anything that requires physical strength. Also with the spreading tide of veganism, vested interests such as the meat lobby and other food producers try to perpetuate the myth that vegans are weak. So are vegans weak? Or do people become weak as a result of going vegan? Do such claims have any veracity? Ok, first, let’s have a look ...



In a world where meat eating is the norm and not the exception, there are vegan myths and misconceptions that abound regarding the vegan choices that we elect to make. From answering supposedly hilarious questions such as "Do you live on apples and twigs?”, from people with little knowledge of veganism, to encountering misinformation about veganism in the media, vegans have a lot to contend with. Here are some of the commonest veganism myths that have ...



Let’s face it – Veganism is sexy! And when you consider all the famous people and beautiful people and other celebrities who have chosen to go vegan, then veganism just got sexier than ever before! It is difficult to compile a list of the top 10 vegan personalities in world since there are so many, and more get added to the list all the time! So we tried to cull out an interesting list of people ...



Though many people view veganism through the prism of only dietary choices, ethical veganism is far more than food choices. It is an entire life philosophy that embraces many more factors than just what you eat. Ethical veganism is about “living life consciously as an Anti Speciesist,” as Bob Torres, PhD, says in his book Vegan Freak, which is an amusing and non-sermonizing look at ethical veganism. Ethical veganism isn’t just about not eating animals and ...


Shut Fur Products

Fur? For What? The vegan view against fur is well known – fur is culled from animals and obtaining it is a horrible and reprehensible reason for taking lives. It is just vanity after all, and the mean human desire to appear rich and a person of means, to acquire an item of clothing made out of an animal’s pelt – for there are so many other things to keep you warm and looking great ...


vegan animals horse

One of the arguments often trotted out by champions of meat eating is that meat gives you strength. Look at the lion, the tiger, the jaguar – prime examples of the strong, beautiful predators. The lion is the king of the jungle, and the tiger, master of all he surveys, they say. And it is what they eat that makes them so commanding, so feared and so respected in the wild, it is argued. But what ...


Animal Bag

Most of the leather that is used in regular items such as bags and shoes, is obtained from animals at the cost of horrible suffering and abysmal living conditions. The animals are usually kept in horribly crowded and cramped conditions. They are subjected to procedures such as de-horning, castration, branding and tail docking without any kind of anesthesia or even pain killers. Worse there are those supposedly ‘exotic’ hides that are obtained from skinning animals that are ...


vegan benefits

Whether the vegan lifestyle appeals to you because of its animal rights and nonviolence aspects or there are other reasons behind why you have adopted or want to adopt the lifestyle, there are many health benefits of going vegan. Though there are numerous reasons why veganism is a great idea for both humans as well as animals, here are some of the top health benefits of going vegan. 1. Useful for weight management When you cut out ...

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Vegan Babe Pamela Anderson

“There is nothing sexier than a man who is kind to animals and the easiest way to be kind to animals is to stop eating them,” said Pamela Denise Anderson in one of her campaigns for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Pamela was a little kid when she saw her father cleaning an animal that he had hunted. It had such a major impact on her that she decided to go vegan for ...

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