Top 10 Pets for Vegan Households

Vegans who follow an ethical lifestyle, who would however like to share that life with an animal, can have several questions – for instance which pets are vegetarian or vegan so that they can blend seamlessly into an ethical lifestyle. There can be ethical questions such as this one: should vegans have pets at all? As to this, most vegans tend to agree that so long as you treat your pet well, with affection, having pets is fine.

Then there is the other question: Dog and cat lovers may well wonder if it is possible to feed their pet a vegan diet. After all, veganism is about ending the exploitation of other animals, and about letting them live on their own terms. So, one may argue that having a vegan cat or dog is foisting a human agenda on an animal; an animal who is naturally carnivorous. Many vegans choose not to have dogs and pets for this reason.

While the jury may be out on several of these questions we look at the top vegan pets one can have.

1. Mice and Rats

mouseThese are intelligent and fun pets and can very easily be raised vegan.

2. Gerbils

gerbilThese gentle and hardy animal are another popular choice as a house pet. They are clean, produce little odor and are sociable creatures.

3. Hamsters

hamsterAnother popular option as a family pet, a hamster subsists on fruits, nuts, berries, fruits and other dried foods.

4. Guinea Pig

guinea-pigDocile and responsive, these rodents are another popular choice. Grass, hay, legumes, raw fruit and veggies are their foods of choice.

5. Rabbits

rabbitRabbits – cute, furry and quintessential consumers of lettuce and carrots would have to be one of the most obvious choices when it comes to vegan pets.

6. Tortoises

tortoiseThese phlegmatic, gentle creatures are easy to care for. Their vegetarian diets are easily provided for, and these pets tend to live a lot longer than rodents.

7. Cats

catWhile the ethics of limiting a carnivore to a vegan diet may be a matter of argument, many vegan pet owners will testify to their feline thriving on a vegan diet.

8. Dogs

dogDogs are omnivores by nature, and they are known to thrive very well in vegetarian and vegan households.

9. Small Birds

love-birdsParakeets, lovebirds, finches, canaries and various other small birds make great vegan pets.

10. Small Fish

fishMany small fish can also be vegan and can be a good choice of pet for an ethical lifestyle.