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Top 10 Vegan Animals | Vegan Souls

Top 10 Vegan Animals

One of the arguments frequently trotted out by meat eaters to explain their food choices is that meat gives the body strength, builds muscle, and so on. However many gorgeous creatures of the animal kingdom explode this myth that meat begets strength, muscle or size. We look at some of the top vegan animals in the world – big, beautiful, strong, powerful; and herbivorous.

1. The Elephant

elephantsArguably one of the most magnificent creatures on earth, this intelligent giant is herbivorous. Both the Indian Elephant as well as its larger cousin, the African Elephant are plant eaters and subsist wholly on plants.

2. The Rhino

rhinocerosThis is another magnificently strong and powerful (to say nothing of aggressive) animal that eats only plants as foods. All five species of rhinoceros – the White Rhino, Black Rhino, Indian Rhino, Javan Rhino and Sumatran Rhino are herbivorous.

3. The Hippo

hippopotamusNot only is the hippo enormous in size, it can be a creature that is considered very dangerous. Regarded as the most dangerous large animals in Africa, male hippos in combat can be seriously aggressive and can inflict serious damage.

4. The Bison

bisonsIf you want to talk muscle, you need to look at this hunky herbivore. Though they appear lazy or indolent, they may attack without warnings. They can gallop long distances and reach speeds of 35mph!

5. The Wildebeest

wildebeestA powerful herbivore of the grasslands this animal is known for its amazing feats of endurance. The annual long distance migration of wildebeest herds is a natural wonder.

6. The Horse

horseDomesticated for millennia, the horse has long been considered a symbol of strength, pride and loyalty; and its association with the human species is probably the most ancient of all. Speed, strength, endurance and power characterize this plant eater.

7. The Manatee

manateesThese large, gentle herbivorous animals are also known as sea cows. They can weigh up to 590 kilos and grow up to 13 feet in length.

8. The Deer

deerThere are so many different types of deer – red deer, reindeer, moose, else, mule deer, black tailed deer and so many more. What they all have in common however is the fact that they are all herbivores.

9. Some Whales

whaleEven some whales subsist entirely on plankton and thus are vegetarian too.

10. Yak

yaksMassive and powerful, the yak is reared in domestic settings and is also found in the wild in areas of Tibet, Russia and Mongolia.

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Caron February 14, 2014

#9 Is also my Favorite Vegan Animal!


dave April 26, 2015

All of these animals eat loads of insects, Arthropods, Orthoptera. deer also eat meat and internal organs from dead deer. most would eat dead birds and eggs. vegan diet is not found in nature. herbivorous animals eat non-plant items pretty frequently.


richie May 21, 2015

Wow, Thank you Dave,however are you delighted to inform others of this?If not, why not?


Mary August 8, 2015

You are 100% correct. Also NO mammal is vegan, they all drink mother’s milk, the mothers eat the placenta after birth. Even hummingbirds eat insects along with their nectar. Vegan diets are very unnatural and unbalanced, and saves no lives. Thank you for your intelligent comment!


Simon October 21, 2015

Drinking your mother’s milk doesn’t make you non-vegan. Vegans don’t drink the milk of other species, which is something that only humans do (as well as giving cow’s milk to their cats) and is very unnatural and unnecessary. Of course by eating plants animals like elephants and rhinos also consume insects that might be on the plant. But that process is not intentional and those insects don’t make any difference in a herbivore’s diet. They would survive perfectly well even if every insect was removed from the plants.


Diane October 18, 2016

Very nice answer Simon 🙂


Steve December 31, 2016

Typical comment from an uneducated American.


Willy June 9, 2015

Whales aren’t vegan. Plankton are organisms, not plants. But other than that, sounds about right.


gonçalo January 5, 2016

there is plancton and fitoplancton and there are vegetables and animals, the first of each produce the energy by the sun the second by eating the first and/or the second.


Andrew June 12, 2015

Sorry, you are horribly wrong, orca whales are predators. Plankton are small living organisms as well!


Chandler Klebs September 15, 2015

I love this list of animals. I will use this when people think you have to eat mean to be strong. Horses are my favorite animal.


gonçalo January 5, 2016

but you should put the blue whale and even another big fish the whale shark because both are peacefull beings eating just plancton.. its almost like macrobiotics, but the killer whale its a real murderer.


Dave February 18, 2016

#9!!! Talking about being a vegan fail. How’s it trending on your instagram?
p.s Orcas are from the Dolphin species not Whales


AMA February 18, 2016

You guys are destroying a valid cause with your stupid arguments…
Whales, and especially Orcas, are vegan???
Do you know how the guts of the other animals compare to human guts??

Please… if this is how you want to convince people, just shut up.


caroline November 13, 2016

I never knew that manatee’s are vegetarians
Thank you for letting me know


Joe b July 30, 2017

Animalivesmatter = Vegan .


Daniel DeWitt November 18, 2016

First of all. All these animals actually do and have been documented to eat other animals because a vegan diet isnt viable for any animal. Especial humans. Deer Cows and Horses are well know by farmers to snatch up birds and eggs and even eat bones to gain calcium they lack. Grass has no calcium in it. At all. So Cattle and Horses and Deer are all known by educated people to actually eat meat here and there to suppliment their diets. Hippos and elephants do the exact same thing. LOOK IT UP. Also. Hippos have no problem fucking up other animals. Especially people and crocodiles. Hippoes have been documented to even eat crocodiles at times. Kind of a way to show whos boss. Also. Sometimes fisb accidentallt swim in their mouths. They get chewed up and swallowed. Not spit out again. And Chimpanzees in the wild absolutely LOVE meat and will chase down kill and eat smaller primates.

Only humans are stupid enough to refuse eating a proper diet thwir bodies are genetically designed for for the sake of trying to make them selves look better or more concious or what ever their mental issues may be.

Thay be said. Look up my facts cor youself. Internet exists for a reason. And Vegans. Fuck off with your bullshit diet views. You are wrong. Knock it off. Find a better and more realistic cause to use your diet lacking energy on. Stop shaming people for having a proper omnivorous diet. To make you feel better. A chicken in its life time can lay a good 500 eggs. I highly doubt they will miss a couple dozen eggs. And. Animal abuse? If more people with backyards used the space to farm their own chickens instead of using it as a giant toilet for their dogs I bet my life there would be less chicken abuse. They more then likely be treated as pets until its time for them to be eaten. Think about it.


Ivy February 21, 2017

Why so much hostility against vegans ? I would never tell a non-vegan to “fuck off with your bullshit diet views.” Veganism is not a diet, it’s an ethical and moral choice. Don’t insult people who have ethics and morality that extends to other species. I don’t care whether or not other animal species are wholly/exclusively vegan or vegetarian or not. Humans can choose whatever diet they want and it goes beyond genetic design- about everything we choose to do, actually, in realms beyond food consumption. Also are we genetically destined to eat jello, cake, and all the other weird ways we combine wholesome, raw ingredients into highly processed and often non-nutritional food items ? As for animal cruelty within slaughterhouses, it is well documented and despicable. Like you said, the internet exists for a reason. If you have any empathy for animals at all, learn about the industrialized cruelty to animals in modern animal agriculture. It seems like your mind is already made up to dig your heels in and defend your lifestyle and resist change but on your own, just take a look and see if you can remain so hardened to the sufferings of other species at human hands.


Susan Buchan October 20, 2017

Well said Ivy. Personal insults on forums are unecessary.


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