Top 10 Vegan Dishes

Traditional recipe books will typically have ingredients such as meat, fish, poultry and dairy products – cream, cheese, milk and more. So, for the vegan, finding interesting, appetizing and nutritious recipes can be a bit of a challenge. However, with more and more people turning to ethical diets and lifestyles, more ideas and options have emerged within vegan cuisine. Here are some of the top vegan dishes and recipes to replace traditional or non-vegan ones.

1. Veggie Lasagna

vegetarian-lasagnaRegular lasagna is a meat lover’s favorite, but there are so many ways that you can make delicious veggie lasagna – with pureed spinach, chopped mixed veggies like beets, peas, carrots, and so on.

2. “Beef” Stew

vegetarian-beef-stewThe beef is replaced here with seitan which is made from wheat gluten. It is also referred to as gluten meat, wheat meat or mock duck, and is a popular meat substitute, much like certain soy products. Instead of meat stock, you can use vegetable bullion, and use lots of chopped veggies in the stew as well.

3. Spinach Quiche

spinach-quicheA delicious and filling quiche can be made from spinach, broccoli, and seasoned with onion, tomatoes, garlic and peppers. For the crust you can use soy milk, tofu and corn starch.

4. Vegan Chili

vegan-chiliYou can create a hearty dish using red beans instead of meat. Beans are an excellent source of protein (important for vegans with a meatless; non-dairy diet). The seasoning, olive oil, onions and tomatoes make it a delicious, warming vegan dish.

5. Veggie “Au Gratin”

veggie-au-gratinThe cheese here is a vegan cream cheese and mozzarella substitute, the milk for the white sauce is soy milk and you use oil or margarine instead of the butter.

6. Chana Masala

chana-masalaThis is a wonderfully hearty Indian favorite – curried chick peas in a spicy thick gravy served with brown rice or fried Indian bread called ‘puri’.

7. Tofu and Veggie Stir Fry

veggie-stir-fryTofu is a marvelous vegan substitute for cottage cheese and you can pick and choose from your favorite seasonal veggies.

8. Baked Mushrooms

baked-mushroomsOne nutritious food that tends to replicate the feel and texture of meat rather well is mushrooms. Baked, curried, stir fried, mushrooms of all types are an excellent meat substitute.

9. Lentil Soup

lentil-soupAnother heartwarming option for cold days, you can get various different types of soups from different types of lentils.

10. Soya Chunks

soy-chunksThis is a recipe idea rather than a dish. Soy chunks are a favorite with meat lovers looking to go vegan. In curries, bakes, stir fries, etc.  soy chunks work really well.