Top 10 Vegan and Animal Rights Organizations

In their own unique ways, people the world over have collected and banded together to form organizations that seek to challenge established world orders of animal cruelty. Whether it is helping to liberate animals from cruelty and bondage, stopping the fur trade, or disseminating information about various ways in which humans are cruel to animals, organizations have found different ways to center attention upon the cause of animal rights. In this article, we look at some of the prominent organizations that have been championing the cause of animals.

1. Animal Aid

animal-aidFounded in 1977, this is a British Animal rights group that not only promotes a cruelty free lifestyle but also campaigns against animal vivisection, and investigates issues to expose cruelty to animals.


caft-ukCAFT stands for the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade and the nature of this organization is self explanatory. Started in the 1990’s this organization infiltrates retailers, farms, slaughterhouses, etc. to expose animal cruelty and draw attention to their cause.

3. Friends of Animals

friends-of-animalsThis was an organization initiated in the 1950’s to limit the number of stray dogs and cats, but which has since expanded its activities to include animal rights and wildlife conservation.

4. Hunt Saboteurs Association

hunt-saboteurs-associationThis group tries to prevent hunting and other blood sport. It follows a leaderless resistance model. (Aligned to the same cause of preventing hunting is the Hunt Retribution Squad that seeks to inflict harm on hunters).

5. Movement for Compassionate Living

movement-for-compassionate-livingThis organization is geared towards promoting veganism and sustainable living practices. Self reliance and simple living, vegan organic farming, local produce consumption and promoting land based societies are its principal agendas.


petaPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is one of the best known animal rights groups in the world with over 2 million members.

7. Uncaged Campaigns

uncaged-campaignsThis group protests against experimentation upon and vivisection of animals. It is a peaceful organization devoted to environmental sustainability and nonhuman rights.

8. Vegetarian Society

vegetarian-societyThis group promotes and offers support for meat free diets. It is a British charitable organization dedicated to increasing the numbers of vegetarians.

9. Vegan Society

vegan-societyThe Vegan Society is the oldest Vegan group in the world and has a number of offshoots, all of which support and promote vegan lifestyle.

10. World Society for Protection of Animals

world-society-for-protection-of-animalsThis is an umbrella organization that has presence in over 50 countries with 1000 member societies.