Top 10 Vegan Restaurants of the World

As a vegan, you would like to patronize a restaurant that you know for sure doesn’t use any animal products in any form. It is important not to assume that vegetarian restaurants will necessarily be able to do vegan dishes as well.

While it can be relatively easy to find good vegetarian restaurants, vegan restaurants are quite another matter. In fact most vegetarian restaurants will still use dairy, milk products, honey and so on in their dishes. So we take a look specifically at some of the best vegan restaurants around the world.

1. Wild Ginger Pan-Asian Vegan Café, New York City


Including Japanese, Thai, Korean and Chinese cuisines, this restaurant uses a lot of fresh local produce and diners really recommend the food as very good, particularly the desserts here.

2. Loving Hut, North London, UK


This used to be called the Peking Palace but is now part of the Loving Hut chain of vegan restaurants. It is recommended for tofu and veggie dishes as well as some good fake meat concoctions.

3. Raw, Chicago, Illinois


This takeaway serves raw vegan meals, snacks and beverages such as raw pizza, smoothies, coconut water, wheat grass shots as well as some really inventive vegan desserts.

4. Shandal’s Vegetarian Café, Bridgeport, Connecticut


This casual eating space offers Jamaican food, very friendly chef and a highly affordable little menu – a place with character and personality.

5. Mono, Glasgow, UK

mono-restaurant-glasgowMono is not just an eatery, is a performance space that serves international vegan fare.

6. Coox and Candy, Stuttgart, Germany


The city’s first real vegan restaurant, they offer vegan versions of local face, fresh juice and vegan beverages. Diners recommend the desserts too.

7. Funky Pies, Bondi Beach, New South Wales, Australia


Varieties of cakes and bread as well as some great vegan pies along with organic fair-trade coffee, organic juice and tea as well as some great desserts recommend themselves.

8. Dharma Realm Guan Yin Sagely Monastery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


A very wide spread available in buffet and very affordable prices are the USP here. The diners can also participate in certain chanting ceremonies at the restaurant.

9. Rawlicious, Bloor West, Toronto, Canada


The vegan, raw food menu consists of fresh juices, smoothes, soups, salads, starters and desserts. Some evenings there is live entertainment as well.

10. V-Revolution, Manchester, UK


A restaurant-cum-vegan shop, and has an exclusively vegan menu to choose from.