Top 5 Vegan Business Ideas

If you are a vegan yourself, it may occur to you to carry forward your ethical lifestyle into your professional sphere as well. A vegan business can help you bring together your beliefs and your talents together into a profit making venture. If so you are probably thinking in terms of a vegan business, then our ideas here may well give you some of your own. We look at business ideas that work without exploiting animals and which do not rely on animal products.

1. Vegan Specialty Shop or Vegan Grocery Store

Do you know people who are vegan and who create vegan products – either online or offline? If you have such contacts, turn those to your advantage by bringing together anything: clothes, shoes, knick knacks, art and craft, baby items, preserves, foods, novelty gifts or anything really. You can source all sorts of interesting stuff to stock in your online or bricks and mortar vegan specialty shop.


In the alternative a vegan grocery store is a place that vegans can frequent, being reassured that anything they find there is cruelty free.

2. Vegan café, Restaurant or Deli

This could be a dream venture that furthers the vegan message and give you, as a business owner, the opportunity to mingle with likeminded patrons. However, starting a vegan café, restaurant or deli could require fairly high investment inputs and the restaurant business takes notoriously long to even break even, leave alone turning a profit.

3. Vegan Preserves or Chocolates

Are you a dab hand with vegan sauces (think egg free mayo), chutneys, jams, handmade chocolate or preserves that your friends and family are always raving about? Well you could turn this into a nice little home based venture. You could expand if it takes off!

4. Vegan Catering Business

Vegans who want to entertain will want to do so in keeping their ethical beliefs and are more likely to pick a vegan caterer. So if you have a good fund of vegan recipes that are delicious and vegan at the same time, you could turn your hand to catering. This again could be a small home based business to start with, which you can expand later.

5. Vegan Designs

Ethical fashion has arrived in a big way in recent times. If you have the talent to produce clothing, shoes, accessories or even home items you could sell from a home based business that helps customize cruelty free fashion for ethical fashionistas. You could also sell on esty, ebay, or other online specialty stores.