Vegan Footwear: Protect Your Feet Without Hurting Animals

It used to be that people did anything to be fashionable – they killed animals for fur and pelts and of course slaughtered them for leather. But the new fashionista is more humane, compassionate and aware of the impact that fashion has on other living beings around. Stella McCartney’s cruelty free clothes lines have long showed the way and many other designers are now following suit in the footwear space as well.

What Is Vegan Footwear?

Vegan footwear is that which doesn’t use any animal products – no leather, no fur, no feathers, no pelts, no silk, no wool, no skins and no suede. So these are shoes, bags and accessories made from cruelty free materials such as plastic, artificial fibers, jute, hemp, bamboo, wood, cotton, linen, fabric, faux leather, recycled or repurposed materials and so on.

vegan-footwearThese new age designers are guided by a personal conscience that values animal rights to create cruelty free fashion. There is also the other motivating market force of demand: there is a higher demand for vegan shoes and ethical fashion today than ever before. It is this rising demand that designers and manufacturers cater to.

Many among this new breed of designers typically also look at other aspects of ethical manufacture and trade. Following the principles of fair trade, they make sure that workers are paid fair wages and that they work in decent non-exploitative environments.

Where to Buy Vegan Shoes?

Vegetarian Shoes have been around for over 20 years, a fledgling concept that was certainly before its time. They offer women’s and men’s’ shoes, boots, hiking boots, sandals, casual and sports shoes, belts, bags and more.

The brand Novacas (literally meaning “no cow”) also makes shoes that use no leather. Instead shoes are made from synthetic microfibers that are flexible, versatile and long wearing.

Shoes from sheila Oddessy are all about turning trash into trendy footwear. These shoes and bags are made from recycled plastic rescued on its way to the landfill.

Kailia footwear creates stylish, eco friendly shoes that borrow from the best traditions of Italian styling, but without using Italian leather.

Moo Shoes is a website dedicated to vegan and eco friendly footwear and many other products. It is possible to find many different designers and brands here that create eco friendly, vegan shoes as well as bags, belts, jackets and accessories. Everything that they sell is cruelty free, without any animal materials.