How About Some Vegan Party Appetizer Ideas?

The food industry is not oriented towards veganism; so it can be something of a challenge to create vegan dishes that are tasty and yet not terribly complicated. Appetizers and finger foods can seem particularly difficult because the creamy or cheesy dips, and finger foods made from different meats seem to be de rigueur for the usual circulating snacks at parties and get-togethers. Then, why not have a look at some tasty vegan party appetizer ideas we’ve brought for you…

1. Standard chip n’ dip

The standard dips are typically made from cheese, cream, yoghurt or some other dairy product. Yours doesn’t have to be. Use cream and cheese substitutes, create herb or tomato based sauces, create interesting dips using chick peas or nuts – be as inventive as you want! And why just chips – use crackers, pita bits, tortilla chips and more.


2. Innovative finger foods

Finger foods don’t have to be chicken or fish fingers. You can create some really interesting things out of potatoes and sweet potatoes, eggplant, cauliflower florets and so many other healthy and nutritious veggies.

3. Vegetable fritters

Indian cuisine offers up a lot of ideas here: various different veggies dipped in a chickpea batter and fried. Or fritters made from frying up different lentils or legumes mixed with flavorful spices.

4. Get innovative with mushrooms

Mushrooms have the shape and texture that lend themselves very well to appetites and finger foods. Grilled, stir fried or stuffed, they can be served on their own or with an dip.

5. Bruschetta

Here as well, you can get very inventive – there is the traditional tomato and basil bruschetta, or an herb topped bruschetta if you prefer. Create interesting toppings using different flavors and textures uch as olives, peppers, cheese substitutes and more.

6. Nuts

Simply laying out bowls of different nuts for your guests to snack on is a simple and effortless idea that requires little or no preparation. Just lay out an assortment or mixed platter on a table and your guest can help themselves to cashews, almonds, peanuts and so on as and when they want.

7. Roast chickpeas

You can roast chickpeas and season them with some appetizing spices or herbs. Similar to your nut platter, this is a simple appetizer that requires little preparation and which your guests can just help themselves to.

8. Salad bites

Create different visual and flavor combinations with veggies and fruits of your choice. Stick them on a toothpick and you’re good to go!