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Vegans Are Weak, Oh Really? | Vegan Souls

Vegans Are Weak, Oh Really?

For a long time now, vegetarian has been portrayed as the skinny weakling, unable and unwilling to do anything that requires physical strength. Also with the spreading tide of veganism, vested interests such as the meat lobby and other food producers try to perpetuate the myth that vegans are weak.

So are vegans weak? Or do people become weak as a result of going vegan? Do such claims have any veracity?

Ok, first, let’s have a look from ‘common sense’ point of view. Say you get energy from eating goat. But where does the goat get its energy from? Plant, isn’t it? Now isn’t it common sense that you should get more energy by directly eating plant, rather than the goat?


Number of vegan animals like horse, elephant, buffalo, etc. which solely rely on plant diet go on to prove this point. Do you find them weak from any angle?

It won’t be out of context here to quote Henry David Thoreau: One farmer says to me, “You cannot live on vegetable food solely, for it furnishes nothing to make the bones with;” and so he religiously devotes a part of his day to supplying himself with the raw material of bones; walking all the while he talks behind his oxen, which, with vegetable-made bones, jerk him and his lumbering plow along in spite of every obstacle.

The argument is made today that humans are meant to eat meat and that they have always been meat eaters; that Homo sapiens evolved as omnivores and so it is only natural that we eat meat today. By extension it follows, that not having meat is bound to make you weak! This is demonstrably false because a bulk of research points to plant based diets being healthier for human beings.

Earlier it was mainly religious reasons for people being vegetarian. Take for instance the case of Jainism, which flourished in India more than two thousand years ago. Jainism eschews not only all animals and animal products but also root vegetables because of the possible harm to creatures while harvesting and because by eating root veggies you destroy the entire plant.

Today, it isn’t just religious but ethical reasons, reasons of personal health and considerations about environmental impact that cause people to make food choices that are more humane, and that are kinder to other creatures.

As we have said, there is plenty of evidence to show that a vegan diet is better for the human system. However sometimes some people claim to feel ‘weak’ when they give up meat and other food products eschewed by vegans, claiming to have fainted or feeling weak and undernourished. Well it could be that the body is used to a certain kind of intake over the years, and a very significant change such as going from being a meat eater to being vegan may take time for the body to adjust to.

Any perceived weakness has to be temporary, so long as a person follows a varied and well balanced vegan diet. Many athletes who have turned to veganism are the best argument against the claim that vegans are weak.

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John J May 8, 2015

Nonsensical article!

You say:
“where does the goat get its energy from? Plant, isn’t it? Now isn’t it common sense that you should get more energy by directly eating plant, rather than the goat?”

That’s like saying a plant gets its energy from consuming water, so it’s common sense that you should get more energy from water rather than the plant.

Then you say:
“Number of vegan animals like horse, elephant, buffalo, etc. which solely rely on plant diet go on to prove this point. Do you find them weak from any angle?”

Yes, they are strong and they get their nourishment from plants alone; but their digestive systems are so much different than humans. They consume about 100 times what a human can possibly eat. A buffalo is a ruminant. You can’t compare animals to humans. They are very different.


zyzz July 4, 2015

Ya this whole article is cringe as fuck


Mahlon September 20, 2016

You say animals are different from humans??
In what way are they different?
Yes the big animals eat maybe more in quantity, but so can you eat enough vegan to become very strong.
What the heck does that have to do with the argument of whether vegan or meat eating makes one stronger?
In fact a good vegan diet has made some of the worlds strongest athletes.
Google the top 10 of the worlds strongest vegans, incredible!


heller May 23, 2015

This is so stupid for several reasons. Like John J said, wouldn’t it be more logical to just drink water and sit in the sun since plants get energy that way? Buffalo and other animals are designed to eat meat because they have multiple stomachs designed to extract all the nutrients from grass. Another thing, those animals have very small brains in comparison to humans. Our brains are massive and require tons of energy that you simply cannot get from eating only vegetables. Just look at how much grass cows have to eat and they aren’t exactly known for their intelligence. Also, young calves get MILK from their mother cow, and vegans get no milk at all (unless you’re into drinking human breast milk). This was obviously written by some stupid pseudo-scientist who thinks he knows something because he’s a vegan.


Bob Bellamy October 30, 2017

Calves don’t drink there mothers milk because factory farmers drag them screaming from there mothers as soon as they are born and fed a milk substitute that is as natural as a grown man drinking milk from the utter of a cow. The only creature on the face of this planet to drink the milk of another creature other than its own species is man. The only species that drinks milk into adulthood is man. There is nothing normal or healthy about a human being drinking cows milk or any other animals milk for that matter. Human babies should drink there mothers milk only. Anything else is unnatural cruel and strangely perverted. It’s time to evolve, people still drinking milk from animals are the percentage of the population that are evolving at a slower pace than the rest. This strange practice or tradition or whatever you want to call it is unsustainable and will not be practiced in the future weather you evolve now or wait until your cut off with the rest of the ignorant milk addicted nut jobs.


Vladimir January 1, 2017

“where does the goat get its energy from? Plant, isn’t it? Now isn’t it common sense that you should get more energy by directly eating plant, rather than the goat?”
we have always been predators… try to feed a lion with plants and will see how strong is he going to be 😀 ..
I think It is better to say that people who dont eat meat are not experiencing such a progress from a fitness point of view… from my experience in fitness industry I would say that meat eaters have always better results and gains than vegans..
btw vegans are deficient also in zinc,carnosine,carnitin and taurin.. according to fitness professionals (Charles Poliquin) when they start to suplement these nutrients their performance will skyrocket..
Also there are no references to your “evidences”.. and the whole article seems agressive to me.. It feels like I am forced to become vegan 😀
I respect veganism for ethical point of view but I think that these articles are responsible for such a hatred against veganism..
PS: My english is bad I know


Anonymous January 18, 2017

“Woman climbs Mt. Everest to prove vegans aren’t weak, dies”


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